the Star Community website

The Star Community aspires to be a visionary transformational spiritual community in Seattle. There are many influences on the Star Community, including the Network for New Culture, the peace research village Tamera in Portugal, the Federation of Damanhur in Italy, Possibility Management USA, Earthships, OneTaste, and also the general background of the Pacific North-West poly-amory and sex-positive scenes as well as geek & board-game culture.

2017 map of Star Community houses

The Star Community present lives in five houses: Star House (in Greenlake), Stone House (in Northgate), Orchard House (in Seward Park), Ryan House (in Rainier Beach), and Sky House (in Skyway). Community members also live in scattered apartments and houses around the greater Seattle area. The community rented its first house in October, 2014, and purchased its first house June 8th, 2017. There are roughly 30-50 people involved in Star Community now, (2019-09-07).

Please visit our Facebook page to make contact with Star Community. or 206.427.2545 (SMS, cell)